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Broken Lightner, A Retrospective Series, Part 1

Written by Angela de Gregory Lightner Museum Curator Barry Myers had something different in mind for March’s Curator’s Tour, Broken Lightner.  Broken Lightner presented some of the biggest challenges the Museum faces on a regular basis.  Two of these challenges are maintaining the collection and the integrity of the building that was once the Alcazar Hotel.…


Camel Adoption, a Great Success!

Written by Angela deGregory, Lightner Museum Curatorial Assistant Adopt an Artifact, a giving program at the Lightner Museum, provides new opportunities for those who would like to give to the museum, by allowing them to donate funds that go directly towards the restoration of items in the museum’s collection.  The “adoption” can be given as…


Major French Artwork gets a Rebirth at the Lightner

One does not have to travel to Paris, New York or London to see world-class art: here at Saint Augustine’s Lightner Museum there are numerous examples of major artworks. On display are such treasures as a Russian malachite urn first exhibited in London’s Crystal Palace Exhibition of 1851; a grand escritoire commissioned circa 1806 by…


A Museum Transformed

The Alcazar Hotel fell victim to the Depression, cold weather, and changing lifestyles; it closed in 1932. Otto C. Lightner could be considered one of St. Augustine’s first historical preservationists. He saved the former Alcazar Hotel from an uncertain fate, most likely demolition, in 1946. Lightner purchased the hotel to house his vast collections of…