Illuminate: Lightner Museum’s Stained Glass Rediscovered

In the closing decades of the 19th century the stained-glass industry in America flourished. With access to new materials and modern manufacturing methods, American artisans revolutionized glass-making techniques first developed in Medieval Europe. Vibrantly colored and richly textured, the resulting windows were commissioned for both religious and secular settings.

Illuminate features twelve newly restored stained-glass windows from the Lightner Collection, in addition to a dramatic dragonfly lamp by Tiffany Studios. The exhibition is made possible by the support of Inez McDonald, with additional funding from the Treasury Venue Collection, and St. Augustine Historic Inns. 

America's Castles

America’s Castles celebrates the opulent art and furnishings of America’s Gilded Age. This dynamic era witnessed the sudden rise of a new millionaire class whose wealth derived from emerging industries including railroads, oil, and steel manufacturing. These titans of American business, industry, and commerce expressed their high status by building stately mansions filled with beautiful objects and substantial art collections. Conceived on a scale far grander than anything witnessed in the decades prior to the Civil War, the palatial homes of the Gilded Age elite were a bold proclamation of the achievements and aspirations of their wealthy inhabitants.

Displayed in the original grand ballroom of the Alcazar Hotel, this exhibition from the Lightner Collection presents a lavish display of fine and decorative art created during a defining period in American history.

American Brilliant Period Cut Glass from the Lightner Collection

Explore the Lightner Museum’s extensive collection of cut and engraved glass from the American Brilliant Period (1876-1916). The exhibit reveals the story of the prosperous American glass industry during the Gilded Age. Cut glass was a symbol of luxury and elegance, and the demand for beautiful glass products created intense competition and creativity within the industry. American glass manufacturers were recognized internationally for their inventive designs and exceptionally fine cutting skills.

The exhibit includes extraordinarily intricate works from prominent late 19th and early 20th century firms such as C. Dorflinger & Sons, J. Hoare & Company, Pairpoint Glass Company, and T.G. Hawkes & Company.

Photograph by Thomas Wolf

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