Lightner Museum Announces Successful Completion of IMLS-funded Improvements to its Collection Storage

The Lightner Museum has recently concluded a second phase of improvements to its collection storage with support from the Institute of Museums and Library Services (IMLS).

The project is the second phase of an ongoing initiative to upgrade the museum’s storage facilities for collections. In 2017, the museum received a $25,000 award from IMLS to improve the efficiency and functionality of its collection workspace for staff. A second substantial IMLS grant award of $137,000 was dedicated to the Lightner Museum’s long-term plan to improve the management, preservation and accessibility of the museum collection. Grant funding allowed the Lightner Museum to establish an off-site storage facility and to purchase archival storage cabinetry and equipment to rehouse 3,000 objects from its collection.

This most recent phase of the project enabled the museum to improve efficiency and accuracy in conducting collections inventories; to gain a better understanding of collection items in storage; enhanced the ability to develop exhibits from the collection; and allowed for the exploration of opportunities for collaborative partnerships with other museums. A critical aspect of the project was the long-term preservation afforded the objects and art rehoused through the IMLS grant. Improvements to collection storage were conducted over the course of 2021. The museum plans to seek further support for ongoing improvements to its collection storage.